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“Thots With Thoughts” is a short, collaborative comic about Noah's experiences as a queer and trans person navigating the world of dating apps and hookups, and the experiences of others in their community. Thank you to everyone who shared their personal stories, compiled here into a list of 12 actionable ways to make dating and hookups safer and sexier for us all. Contributors will remain anonymous to protect their privacy. All art and lettering was done traditionally with ink and watercolor. "Thots With Thoughts" is available as a 6"x9" zine, printed in full color and staple bound with 8 interior pages.

This short comic is Noah's contribution to We’re Still Here, an all-trans comic anthology edited by Tara Avery and Jeanne Thornton, and published by Stacked Deck Press. We’re Still Here is the first ever anthology of comics entirely by transgender creators. If you liked “Thots With Thoughts” and want to read other comics like it, consider purchasing We’re Still Here online. Your money will support the 55 transgender artists who contributed to the book, and your purchase tells the publishing industry that we need more trans artists and writers in print. To learn more about We’re Still Here and to watch for updates, visit the kickstarter page.

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