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Here are a few book covers I've illustrated! I love collaborating with authors to create memorable imagery that represents their work. I approach each job with care, patience, intentionality, and flexibility. If you are interested in hiring me for this type of work, please contact my literary agent, Kelly Sonnack, at


You might not guess it, but creating a book cover is a long and iterative process that takes months of collaborative work! Many book lovers are curious about the process behind cover illustration, so I wanted to share a glimpse behind the scenes. Here are some sketches, mockups, and iterations of book covers I have illustrated, to give you an idea of how my cover art evolves and takes shape over time. I typically sketch many rough concepts for writers and editors to choose from, they give me feedback and decide which direction to take, then we move into a back-and-forth process of editing and refining many versions of the chosen concept until it matches the author's vision for the story. The final cover often looks nothing like the early sketches! Most of this work never sees the light of day, so I thought it would be fun to share some of it here, for all my bookworms and art nerds out there.


Here I am painting the cover of The Ship We Built with ink and watercolor! 

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