I'm a big believer in books as tools of resistance and empowerment. Books have helped me feel safer and less alone throughout my life, and I hope the books I illustrate will do the same for others!

If you're interested in hiring me to illustrate your book or book cover, please contact my literary agent, Kelly Sonnack, at kelly@andreabrownlit.com.


It Feels Good To Be Yourself, Henry Holt, 2019

A straightforward and open-ended picture book about gender identity! Written by parenting advocate Theresa Thorn, traditionally illustrated by me in watercolor, gouache, and ink. 

This book is so special to me. If I could go back in time and give any book to my past self, this would be the one. I illustrated It Feels Good To Be Yourself during my final year at art school, and it was my first real opportunity to put my art into the world the way I wanted it to be seen: in full color, imagining a radically inclusive future, and accessible to the public. This book gave me an opportunity to paint the queer utopian cityscapes of my dreams. I have so many things to say about it, but I won't list all those things here. If you're interested, here's a video of me talking about It Feels Good To Be Yourself and what it means to me. You can buy a copy wherever books are sold.

art samples:

The Every Body Book, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2020

An inclusive sex education guide written by Rachel E. Simon, illustrated digitally in full color by me. Every pubescent kid needs this book! The Every Body Book covers a wide range of topics including gender, sexuality, puberty, hormones, consent, and safety. Available wherever books are sold.


art samples:

Cloudland, coming in 2023 from Henry Holt

I am currently working on Cloudland, my debut graphic novel! Cloudland is a trans coming-of-age story set at a summer camp in the Deep South, based on my lived experiences growing up trans in Georgia. It's a story about friendship, first crushes, fluidity, unlearning the binary, and learning to love yourself even when it's hard. It's also a story about the ways kids use art to survive trauma and define themselves, when language fails. I have been working on Cloudland slowly since 2017, and it's taking me so long because it is so, so personal and dear to me. It's only one story about trans Southern childhood; we need more!

I cannot share finished pages before publication, but here are a few sketches: